Who I am: My name is Dave Phillips; I live in Oregon (USA), and have a passion and talent for woodworking. I'm a natural artist, therefore I can provide unlimited choices for the customer. If you can see it or think it, I can draw it or make it!
What I do: The uniqueness of my art starts with hand selecting my own wood from the top of a mountain. Starting with a chainsaw, migrating to a chisel, rotary tool, hand sanding, sketching for drawings, detailing with a wood burner, more sanding and a protective coating finishes the art. Some examples are: hand drawn pictures, wood art, animal carvings, custom cabinets or gun-cases, household décor, wall or border design, maple burl tables or sculpting, and custom tree carving.
Custom Wood Carving
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The process and price: I talk with the customer about their preference, choices, wood types, and how simple or elaborate they want. I draw a sketch of what it will look like, review and modify as needed until we reach agreement of the artwork, price, and timeline. I require 50% of the price up front and 50% upon completion.

The price is determined from the type and quality of wood, the size, and how much detail is desired. I can create art in a wide range of prices ($20 to upwards of $1,000) and your satisfaction is guaranteed!